(from “lasiciliaweb” of 10/05/2015)

Set up at a height of 1,900 meters inside the departure station of the cable car near Rifugio Sapienza. Tourists will enter into a cave and be able to understand all the geogenesis of the volcano

immagine ADVENTURE ETNA 7DNICOLOSIFive minutes of a unique experience of its kind, putting tourists face to face with the volcano and making them live the suggestions of the eruption. All this is now possible, thanks to the new 7D simulator projection room, set up inside the departure station of the “Funivia dell’Etna” (Cableway of the Etna) near Rifugio Sapienza (1,900 mt).
The projection room, which was inaugurated this morning by Francesco Russo Vinci, sole director of the company “Funivia dell’Etna”, is composed of 42 seats (and can accommodate up to 1200 people a day). Movements, vibrations, noise, wind, water, tactile sensations: this new attraction, part of the project “The other Etna”, is the only of its kind in Sicily, the most complete and tecnological and it’s one of the few existing in Italy (similar rooms, although 5D, are found for example in fun parks like “Gardaland” and “Mirabilandia”). Something similar, cinema 7D, has already been realized in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Dubai.
“Etna Experience” is the film created by Funivia dell’Etna for the newborn 7D room and was produced by a company in Catania: the idea arises from the desire to create a themed short film, able to simulate a volcanic eruption during the presence of tourists on the cable car. What happens technically to the viewer? The seats of the cinema oscillate and everything around the tourist begins to collapse. The main character of the film, the tourist, tries the feeling of the attempt of escaping the eruption, thanks to a series of special effects, created with the simulator 7D and lived through special glasses; such as for example the effect snow, soap bubbles, splashing of geyser or water. “This film was born from the need to expand the tourist offer and give a chance to those who for whatever reason could not go up in altitude, as cruise passengers who do not have enough time to do it or those who want to save something, to have a chance to combine the exursion with the emotion that an eruption can give.” says Francesco Russo Vinci, sole director of the company “Funivia dell’Etna”. “This is how this new tourist package was born: a project that we called “The other Etna” and will offer tourists the possibility to take a trip to the Silvestri craters and live a tree-dimensional eruption through this new film: the tourist will have the sensation of being in contact with lava and magma.
“All this opens a new page of the Rifugio Sapienza and the “Funivia dell’Etna”. This part is the fun aspect of the project that is very ambitious, worthy of the place in which it was organized: the Etna. The initiative of the “Funivia dell’Etna”, which aims to expand the tourism offer on the highest Volcano in Europe, will propose soon a technological museum of Etna, which will be inaugurated in a first static version in August and then afterwards in a dynamic – interactive one. An important innovation has been announced for the cabins of the cable car, already equipped with the hook for bicycles: at the earliest will also start a project for setting up a “bike park”.