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The “Funivia dell’Etna” (Cableway of Etna) is the only society on the south side of the Etna that makes it possible to reach, by cablecar and special off-road busses, the authorized upper crater zones of the highest volcano in Europe.

The excursion starts at 1.923m (Stazione Partrisalitaenza Funivia – Nicolosi Nord/Etna Sud – Rifugio Sapienza) and in a few minutes you reach 2.500m on board of a modern cablecar built by “Leitner Group” (alternatively the path is made by off-road bus).

Here you find special off-road busses, driven by experienced operators, that takes you to the altitude authorized by the competent authorities. At this point you can enjoy an incomparable panorama extending out over the sea and also admire the impressive Central and South-Eastern Craters and the ancient and recent lavaflows which characterize the surrounding area. The excursion continue with the Etna guides, who accompany you as close as local safety regulations allows to the areas where the vitality of the vulcano is revealed.